Plans to revamp invoicing?

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Plans to revamp invoicing?

Wayne Pollock

The CosmoLex invoicing system is rigid and difficult to customize. For example, I do not see a way to add back in variable fields such as “[#FundsRecdItems#]” if you want them in a different location. When I type in that text, it is not recognized as a variable field.

And, after you customize a template in a setting, it seems like you have to actually create an invoice to determine if the changes you made are what you want. Also, the hourly fee structure has 15 different templates, yet there does not appear to be a way to see samples of these templates without selecting them and generating invoices.

Can users see samples of invoices without generating them? If not, are there any plans to revamp the invoicing system to allow users to do this? Invoicing is a nightmare when you want different clients to have different templates, and you have to jump back and forth between tweaking a template and generating an invoice to see if the changes are to your liking.

Lynne answered

    On attempting to make some changes to the invoice templates today I am enquiring as to when changes are going to be made to make this process user friendly.  In addition when changing or creating a template the ability to preview the template without having to issue a new invoice would be a great addition.  I am also wondering how you can control the information you have entered to stay together on a page or create a new page so certain information ie disbursements commence on a brand new page.

    I have created a few templates in PCLaw and would like to be able to see Cosmolex as versatile and user friendly in this area.

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    David Seltzer

    Hi Wayne and thank you for the feedback on invoices.  At this time, you are correct that you will need to generate an invoice to see changes, but there will be changes in upcoming future.  I will be sure to add you to the feature request list for invoice templates.

    If you should have futher questions, please let us know.  Thank you



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