Outlook Integration

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Outlook Integration

Marissa Marxen

It would be great if CosmoLex offered a real Outlook integration like MyCase.  Rather than setting up a forwarding rule on your e-mails, which can be onerous and cause more or less e-mails sent to CosmoLex than you’d like, MyCase has a feature where there is a little MyCase tab within Outlook, and whenever you send an e-mail from your work e-mail, it asks you whether you would or would not like to forward it to MyCase, which I think is much easier.  It would also be great if your contacts could sink to CosmoLex as well.

cvargo answered

    Task integration is very much needed. I cam from using Prolaw and there was an extension in Outlook we could use to profile selected emails into a matter. I wish CL offered individual user inboxes. My firm has 14 users; it’s impossible to sift through the inbox to keep it under 1,000 items.

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    Ethan L. Hausmann

    Outlook task integration is extremely important for my firm as well.

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    Christine L Freeman

    I agree there needs to be some change here.  Every email I get is visible to me and the staff.  i would love a better filter than a keyword.  I want my staff to be able to see the emails once designated into a client matter folder.  I never know when someone is going to send me an email that is personal in nature and not to be shared across the board.  I would like to be able to chose what is shared.

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    Chantel Gordon

    Hi Marissa,

    Thank you for your feedback. I will go ahead and put in a suggestion to our developers and if any changes get added, we will be sure to let you know.

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