Multiple Client Matter

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Multiple Client Matter

Ralph Somma

I would like to see the ability to assign more than one client to a matter.

I am occasionally retained by two clients who are named as co-defendants in litigation.

The ability to open and maintain a single matter for both clients would facilitate the issuance of a single invoice to be split among the two clients per their retainer agreement (usually 50/50). It would also allow the singular sharing of documents, etc. via the client portal.

Currently in Cosmolex, I am required to open two matters for each client and duplicate invoices – splitting fees and expenses among the two clients. A very time consuming and cumbersome process.

Gary Borger answered
    Gary Borger

    As we do mediations, we have two clients per matter, so we have the same need. A good option would be to enable the user to designate the percentage of the bill to be paid by each client on the matter as it might not always be 50/50 and then to run that sub-total for each client from month to month until each pays his/her share.

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    Marc Cumbo

    I would like this feature as well.

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    Marc Dobin

    Here is how PCLaw does it, in case you were wondering.

    You set up the master matter and create it as the master with a split bill.

    Then you set up two subordinate matters which draw from the master.

    When you run the bills, you only run the subordinate bills, I think.

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    Chantel Gordon

    Hello Ralph,

    Thank you for your feedback. I can understand why the need for this feature would be important.

    I will go ahead and put in a feature request for you.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to give Cosmolex Support a call.


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