Love the Responsiveness!

January 30, 2017 no comments

Love the Responsiveness!

Jean-Marie Crahan (anonymous)

I am very pleased with Cosmolex’s software development responsiveness. I made a suggestion at one point (as perhaps others did) that I would like to be able to customize the titles of my contacts (I am a litigator, so the initial omission of “judge” was an issue), and lo and behold I get a call the other day from David telling me the new update includes the ability to customize the contact titles. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Ralph Somma answered
    Ralph Somma

    Where is this function? I see the ability to assign a type to a contact but not a title.

    In other words, if I were to print a letter from the contact (assuming Cosmolex offers document automation in the future), I would like to see a title (ex. Dir of Human Resources) appear below the contact name.

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    Rakesh (Rick) Kabra (anonymous)

    Thank you Jean. The fact that someone from the team called back and informed once the request was implemented makes me very proud to be leading this team.

    Rakesh (Rick) Kabra answered