Lexicata or Zapier

January 30, 2017 no comments

Lexicata or Zapier

Shari Goldsberry

There’s a great deal of information that will be flowing through my CRM lexicata into Cosmolex.  It would be really nice if you guys would get us some zapier functionality or integrations with lexicata directly.  I dont like having to retype information.  It will be coming from my chat representative directly into my CRM through integrations as well.

David van Moorsel answered
    David van Moorsel

    Zapier integration would make the decision to switch to Cosmolex easier. Clio has its own flaws, but integration between Cosmolex and Acuity Scheduler through Zapier would be very helpful for client intake.

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    Brian Walters

    Lack of Zapier integration is the biggest issue holding us back from going with Cosmolex.

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    Relevant Law

    We work extensively with Lexicata with our other law practice management application.  Would like to see this as well.  CRM is vital.

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    David Seltzer

    Hi Shari, and thank you for your request.  I will a feature request on your behalf for Lexicata to be integrated with CosmoLex

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