Contacts / Tasks – Sync With Outlook Exchange

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Contacts / Tasks – Sync With Outlook Exchange

Allan Lobel

I am currently in trial mode and like what I see.  You sync with Microsoft 365 Calendar but not contacts.  If i add a contact or task on my mobile they won’t t go into CosmoLex.  You already have it for the Calendar.  Will CosmoLex be adding that feature?

Ethan L. Hausmann answered
    Ethan L. Hausmann

    Outlook task integration is extremely important for my firm as well.

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    K.R. Davidson, LL.B., MBA

    This is essential. The current feature that Cosmolex has for adding via the App on the phone doesn’t work properly on an Android and is impractical. It is necessary to sync contacts, Via Outlook, to a mobile device and this should be best accomplished 0365, as it is set-up with the Calendar.

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    David Seltzer

    Hi Allan, and thanks for the question.

    At this time we do not sync with contacts from Outlook as you mentioned.  I can put in a request to our business development team on your behalf for this feature.  If any changes get made we will let you know.

    David Seltzer answered