Categories for custom fields

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Categories for custom fields


Custom fields are great but it would be nice if they could be grouped by matter type.

For example if I have a number of custom fields that only apply to personal injury matter then it would be good if those were only visible for personal injury matter, or at least appeared by selecting the category in a menu.

If someone is making use of document merging they may have a number of custom fields they need in various areas of law and it gets cumbersome hunting through a screen full of custom fields to find the ones you need to fill.

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    Please add my name to this request as well.

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    Add my name as well

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    Ethan L. Hausmann

    Please add me to this request.

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    Esther Peralta


    Thank you for your message. We appreciate your feedback.

    Our developers are working on the ability to group custom fields (and more) in the future. We will keep you posted as we get closer to releasing that update.


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