Bill time in Contingency Matter

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Bill time in Contingency Matter

Ralph Somma

The ability to show work performed in a contingency matter is crucial. Clients want to see the work that’s done on their case even though they are not being billed hourly for that work.

I would like to see the ability to include time cards in a contingency matter invoice at a $0.00 hourly rate.

Ralph Somma answered
    Ralph Somma


    I thought I had stumbled upon a work around when I discovered that the advanced settings tab in the matter would allow for localized billing. I tried using that and set the rate to $0.00. However, it seems Cosmolex doesn’t allow a time card with a $0.00 rate. UGH!

    ANy chance Cosmolex is working on a solution to allow invoices to include time cards to reflect work done on contingency or flat fee matters?

    David Seltzer commented on answer
    David Seltzer

    Hi Ralph, and thank you for this suggestion.  At this moment, when working on a contingency matter (or fixed fee) the time cards that are created are marked as unbillable.  You can still run reports as the time is tracked internally by our system.

    You can click the Report tab and select the Billing Category.  Under the billing section choose either Time Keepers Time Report or Matter Billing Report.  Once those reports are selected, you have ability to select the client and the time period and either download or view the report.

    If you should have any questions, please let me know.

    David Seltzer answered