Best way to set up Statute of Limitations Reminders?

January 30, 2017 no comments

Best way to set up Statute of Limitations Reminders?

Sean Finch

Our previous practice management software allowed you to easily track the statute of limitations for each of your cases. This is critical as missing one of these deadlines necessitates a call to your malpractice carrier. Trying to figure out the best way to do that in CosmoLex. So far I have taken to creating multiple calendar entries for each limitation date, creating each as an ‘all-day’ event.

Example: Case comes into the office this week. Statute of limitations is nearly 3 years down the road. Not likely I’ll remember it on my own. So I create one event for the limitations date, a second event a year prior to the limitations deadline (to remind me about the approaching deadline), and a third event one month prior to the limitations deadline (again, to remind me about the approaching deadline). Now they will show up on my calendar. However if I am out of the office during the week when the event comes up, I might not see it. Also, if there are other ‘all day’ events, these deadlines may get lost in the clutter.

Is there a better way to do this? I thought about creating the reminders as a task (maybe with a ‘due by’ date), but I fear that doing so will clutter up my to-do list rather quickly.

What are other folks doing about SOL reminders?

. Sean .

a.mckenzie answered

    This feature would be a welcomed one…… also, if there was the option for multiple limitations for the same matter (tort v contract etc…)

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    David Seltzer

    Hi Sean, I can add a feature on your behalf to create a statue of limitations to our software.  In the meantime adding the event manually to your calendar or tasks would be best way to handle this.  With access to CosmoLex with the app, you can view the program while out of office.  If any questions, please let us know.  Thanks.

    David Seltzer answered